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Practical Motorist and Motorcyclist magazines

The Practical Motorist magazine was first published as a weekly magazine 12th May 1934 priced at 3d (just over 1p decimal) by George Newnes, January 1940 saw the price rise to 4d, I believe it either stopped during WWII or was incorporated into Practical Mechanic with this note "PRACTICAL MECHANICS—Owing to the paper shortage “The Cyclist”, “Practical Motorist” and “Home Movies” are temporarily incorporated." but it certainly restarted with a fresh look in May 1954 priced 1 shilling (5p decimal) as a monthly magazine with wonderful illustrated front covers, the latest issue I have seen so far is from 1997.
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Wikipedia has articles about the publisher Sir George Newnes  and F.J.Camm the 1950's editor
 I am trying to get a cover picture of every issue - in the meantime have a look at the 500 plus issues I am showing some of which I own, the others have been sent to me or are from various internet sites.
This site only shows 1934 - 1939, for 1940 onward please look here - 
If anyone has any copies I have not seen or better copies than those published I would appreciate a copy, contact details here -  Contact me .