Practical Motorist Magazines

Hi, my name is David Higgs, I live in Hampshire and can be contacted by email here -
I am often contacted by people who are asking if I am interested in buying their collection of old PM magazines, unfortunately I do not collect the magazines, only pictures of the covers so I really would appreciate, preferably scanned pictures of any covers I am missing.  If selling my advice is to look on ebay at similar magazines for sale to find their approximate value and try selling them that way, the website is here -  ebay , in the search box enter "practical motorist" followed by the year e.g 1955.  To see sold prices which gives a better idea on what people are prepared to pay, scroll down and select the "sold listings" box on the left under "show only", this will show how much they actually sell for, dont forget to charge the correct postage for the size and weight.  I found it easier to sell my collection in bulk by year, 1 advert instead of 12!
I do hope this helps if you have magazines to dispose of, do not throw them away as they can be quite valuable.