Practical Motorist Magazines
Practical Motorist Magazines
I am trying to obtain a picture of the covers of every issue of Practical Motorist from the very first weekly issue 12th may 1934 priced at 3d and the monthly issues from May 1954 priced at 1 shilling through to the last issue which was sometime in 1997.
If anyone can help me with this project by supplying any of my missing or better copies I would much appreciate it, many thanks to those who have helped so far.
Below - the very 1st 1934 issue and a newsagents poster
Below - the 4 colourful magazine banners and the 1st of the new 1954 series 

Binders were available to store your magazines in - here is a sample cover and the front page of Vol. 1
Before PM started as a magazine this Geo. Newnes 33 part 1932 monthly encyclopedia was a useful resource for maintaining your car
Practical Motorist magazine was also published in Australia on similar lines to the U.K version but featuring different cars of course - a sample shown below
December 1956 I have now started collecting the Australian, New Zealand and South Africa covers here -   Australian Practical Motorist Magazines 

You can even buy a model delivery van with Practical motorist posters on the side from  Oxford Diecast model number mag010 first issued in January 2013 with a limited run of 2000.

About the same time as Practical Motorist similar magazines were also published, Popular Motoring being one - here is a cover from April1963

A very interesting website  Old Classic Car has an interesting page about all manner of car magazines

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